Mittwoch, 19. April 2017

Freedom for Gabriele Del Grande: Initiatives in Sicily

After days of waiting in vain for a quick solution to the events which have seen our friend Gabriele Del Grande detained for 10 days in a detention centre in Turkey, deprived of all his rights, Borderline Sicilia (non-profit) is supporting the mobilisation launched by Gabriele and his family. There will be a demonstration in front of the prefecture in Catania on April 20th, at 5pm.

“Rally for me!”: huge response to Del Grande’s appeal - At 6pm this evening the journalist’s hometown of Lucca will launch the protests demanding his release. On April 20th it will be the turn of Bologna, Milan (where a planned demonstration gathered 1,700 attendees in just a few hours), and Venice. On the 21st it will be Pisa. And then there are the appeals, petitions and posts on social media, all with the hashtag #iostocongabriele (I stand with Gabriele). This afternoon there will be a press conference at the Senate.

Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Call for the Immediate Liberation of Gabriele Del Grande

We express our deep concern regarding the events which have effected the Italian journalist Gabriele Del Grande since April 10th. He remains detained by Turkish authorities in a detention centre for foreigners on the border with Syria.

Gabriele was arrested for breaching an administrative law, following which Turkey should have expelled him from national territory.

Samstag, 15. April 2017

Migrant Sicily Newsletter – March 2017

  • The manhunt for the “alleged boat drivers” and the undignified reception at Sicilian ports
  • Minors on the edge: between material deprivation and rights denied
  • The unending massacre a stone's throw from Fortress Europe
  • Deportations, evictions and abandonment: no way out for those in search of hope
  • News: Caltanissetta. After the Eviction, the Shanty Town Returns. Shacks Without Water: The Asylum Seekers Speak Out; Migrants. A Clear Way Ahead For The Minniti-Orlando Decree: The Central Points
  • Info and contacts

Freitag, 14. April 2017

After the Latest Eviction: An Update on the Camp at Pian del Lago

In mid-March the police yet again evicted the camp at Pian del Lago (Caltanissetta). All this achieved was the temporary removal of some of those who had found a precarious sanctuary under the motorway overpass. After the police operation had been carried out at dawn, some of the migrants were taken in by the reception centre at Caltanissetta, while many others – not having anywhere else to go – had no option but to reconstruct the camp-site the very same night.

The Reason the NGOs Are Being Attacked Right Now

Exactly a week after the press conference held on board the Aquarius, the SOS Mediterranee and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) ship has come back in to port at Catania. Despite the vehement criticisms, the NGOs have continued to patrol the Mediterranean and rescue migrants, saving hundreds of people from certain death and demonstrating that sea rescue missions are more necessary today than ever before.

The Aquarius at Catania

Dienstag, 11. April 2017

New Rejections, Arrests and Hotspots: The Migrants Italy Does Not Want to Protect But Continues to Exploit

Around 250 people in just one landing: this is the number of migrants, almost all Moroccans, who were handed rejection notices immediately after arriving in Pozzallo over a week ago on board the Golfo Azzurro. Photocopied rejection notices which impose that you leave the Italian state within seven days, via Fiumicino airport in Rome. This absurd, illegal, unconstitutional procedure has been carried out yet again, leading to the collective rejections of which Italy was found guilty by the European Court of Human Rights.

The Aquarius in port at Catania